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Launch Papaya Based Product that Removes Decay

The gel softens tooth decay by facilitating the removal of it without the use of mechanical methods

A product made from papaya, specifically the variety called “Arequipa” can remove tooth decay without the use of mechanical methods. The product was launched in the city of Arequipa, thanks to research conducted at the Interdisciplinary Center for Research and Innovation (CICA) of the Universidad Católica de Santa María (UCSM) in southern Peru.

Renova Gel Caries is the name of the new product which, according to researchers, softens tooth decay by facilitating the removal of the same with the use of manual techniques, decreasing in most cases the use of the turbine, local anesthesia, the fear and anxiety caused by visiting the dentist.

“Renova Caries” is sold through pharmacies and a dental laboratory, university sources said that created it.

Experts say that papaya contains a substance called “papain”, a proteolytic enzyme, which has bactericidal, bacteriostatic and anti-inflammatory and contributes to the degradation and removal of caries.

Dr. Zaida Moya, who was in charge of the investigation, said the Arequipa papaya contains papain, a proteolytic enzyme (Carica pubescens) whose processing results in a dental material that allows the softening of dental caries. Dr. Moya knew the local properties of this product during the course of his doctoral thesis.

Peruvian scientists began their research on the applications of papaya Arequipa in 2006 and concluded earlier this month, after gaining the cooperation of the company Quimivet SRL and co-financing from the Fund for Innovation, Science and Technology (FINCyT), an organization that manages funds from the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB).